My Introduction.

Um, hello.

This is really supposed to be more of a personal blog, but if you’re here, I don’t mind.

Why I started this blog is because I wanted something void-like to confess to. And I felt, what’s the bigger, scarier void than the internet? But it’s black and it’s dark and it’s all-encompassing, so I’ll give my heart up to it.

I’m a male 17-year old American student. And part of the reason I set up this blog was mainly cathartic. Namely, a catharsis against my AP scores.

I got straight fives on all my exams this year. And I took six AP classes. This is severely undermining my original beliefs that I was just an slightly-above-average person, taking an un-average courseload. By name,  so far I’ve taken Calculus BC, Computer Science A, Statistics, Physics C: Mechanics, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, European History, United States History and English Language and Composition. For reference, I took an AP my sophomore year, though I won’t say which. So that’s three maths, two (or one) sciences, two histories, and an English. Math is my best subject, which is why I wanted to take all of them, though admittedly, Statistics and Computer Science A were a disappointment, and Calculus BC, being not proof-based, won’t help me in the long run.

My intentions, though, were to take a relatively balanced courseload, and be above-average, though not the best, in all of them. And to an extent, it worked. In United States History and English Language, I was certainly seen as smart and at times I impressed the teachers, but I could name two or three people who I considered better than me at those respective subjects. Nevertheless, I got my fives through pragmatic decisions and accepted inferiority. Admittedly, I skipped a fair amount of school to get the time to study as well as to sleep, but I don’t regret it one bit.

So, one of the aspects of my plan, therefore, is to get perfect attendance. It’s not a good habit to skip school, I know that. So I’ll try my hardest to not.

I want to use my senior year to be everything that I’m not, and to kick reason to the curb. I want to try my hardest, and to gain and win…

But for the rest of my plans, I’ll prefer to reveal them later, when I know that they’re actually, well, possible…

Right now, I am taking Ordinary Differential Equations and Chemistry II at my community college via dual enrollment, having taken Introductory Linear/Matrix Algebra and Chemistry I before. So, for now, I’ll blog about my adventures with those classes, and tell of my insane senior plans for its appropriate time.