July the Eighteenth

It’s 11:00 AM now. From my perspective, while community college has provided much opportunity to me, both pragmatically and intellectually, there are some pretty bad limitations. This is the one that comes to mind primarily.

Frankly, it’s the other students there, though this tends to be more of a problem with lower-level classes, like the Chemistry class I’m doing now. Quite frankly, it’s kind of obnoxious how some of them seem totally oblivious to the course material. Like, the professor I have does some test review for a few minutes before the test, and he answers questions about a practice test he gives out.But frankly, it seems that there’s always the few students who ask really, in my opinion, obvious questions that are practically the main theme of the stinking chapters. Like for example, asking about how to calculate the relative rates of a reactant or product in a reaction given the numerical rate of another reactant or product in the same reaction.

Oh well, I’m sure if I looked at it from the other side, people would say the same thing about me…

It is now 7:00 PM now. I got a 99 on my Differential Equations test, though there was a bit of inflation. I got partial extra credit, which cancelled out most of the petty algebra mistakes I had made, and he totally discredited a problem and gave 12 free points, but even without these things, I would’ve still had an A, so I’m satisfied. I also think I did well on the Chemistry II test I took today.

I’m still having issues with making algebra mistakes, though, and it’s probably because I do such little homework, so my algebra talons are pretty dull from lack of practice.

I think I’m really starting to like applied mathematics, and it horrifies me. Ahaha…


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